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April 2024 Newsletter

The April 2024 Newsletter looks for an improved bay with the closure of one of IP's pulping lines. We look at the future of monitoring our bays and IP's shareholders.

February 2024 Newsletter

The February 2024 Newsletter gives the history of some of the old papermills which have closed recently. We also look at why our bay has been polluted so long.

December 2023 Newsletter

The December 2023 Newsletter has a letter from a lawyer written 50 years ago about how hard it will be for the paper mill to get a permit to discharge to Perdido Bay. The newsletter also explains how the bleaching chemical, chlorine dioxide, adds oxygen to the Perdido Bay water but also adds an herbicide, chlorate, as well. This would explain the supersaturated dissolved oxygen all the way to the bottom. Also the newsletter asks the question - Was there a local conspiracy to keep the paper mill discharging into Perdido Bay.

October 2023 Newsletter

The October 2023 Newsletter looks at the Bayou Marcus domestic wastewater treatment Plant and asks if this plant is adding too many nutrients to Upper Perdido Bay. It was under a Consent Order to close in 1983.

August 2023 Newsletter

The August 2023 Newsletter discusses how lack of management laws has led to development in places which are not able to handle the increase in people and also how IP's chemicals are manipulating certain parameters in Perdido Bay. Our studies show something toxic coming out of the IP site into Elevenmile Creek. See study on this site.

July 2023 Newsletter

The July 2023 Newsletter has an article about who owns the woodlands from which IP gets its timber and an article about global warming. The newsletter also asks where is the smoke from IP's recovery furnace.

April 2023 Newsletter

The April 2023 Newsletter again sees a lifeless bay. The EPA says that dioxin is a chemical of the past, this is not true. IP is permitted to discharge it. Chlorine dioxide should never have been permitted as a bleaching agent. It breaks down into toxic and herbicidal products.

February 2023 Newsletter

The February 2023 Newsletter explores why the percent saturation of dissolved oxygen in the surface waters of Perdido Bay is constantly elevated. It was not always this way. Chlorine dioxide in an alkaline medium breaks into hydrogen peroxide and oxygen. This is a useful reaction for papermills

December 2022 Newsletter

The December 2022 Newsletter wonders why the Bayou Marcus wastewater treatment plant has not shut down as it was supposed to in 1983 and talks about the very high dissolved oxygen readings which are being found in Perdido Bay. Also sign the Florida referendum form

October 2022 Newsletter

The October 2022 Newsletter has an article written by one of our members who helped get the state to buy the Pitcher Plant Prairie and looks at the herbicidal qualities of Perdido Bay water

August 2022 Newsletter

The August 2022 Newsletter gives the history of how Friends of Perdido Bay was formed for our new members. The newsletter shows how International Paper has failed to meet the regulatory orders and instead has operated on regulatory lack of oversight. The conclusions of UWF oyster study are changing. This is an updated Facebook address

June 2022 Newsletter

The June 2022 Newsletter gives a summary of the UWF talk about oysters being historically present in Upper Perdido Bay and about people complaining that paper mill effluent had killed them. Also takes about shellfish accumulating poisons. Also gives latest IP plan.

April 2022 Newsletter

The April 2022 Newsletter again describes a Spring bay which is lifeless - no baby crabs, no baby shrimp, not even barnacles. The newsletter explains how International Paper can dump cancer-causing dioxins and not be illegal and more.

February 2022 Newsletter

The February 2022 Newsletter gives some of the history about the first permit challenge in 1986 and how Florida DEP tried to give Champion a permit while they were violating rules in 11 Mile Creek. Also we will discuss how International Paper is manipulating dissolved levels in Perdido Bay by dumping sodium hydroxide.

December 2021 Newsletter

The December 2021 Newsletter attacks our environmental agencies as not doing anything to protect our little Perdido Bay but then explains why this has happened - old paper mills have been grandfathered in. Paper companies simply continue to maintain these old mills without adding any new technology.

October 2021 Newsletter

The October 2021 Newsletter includes articles about why Perdido Bay residents were thought not to care about the pollution in Perdido Bay and discusses why we have never received help from other environmental groups or politicians.

August 2021 Newsletter

The August 2021 Newsletter discusses some of the late summer hurricanes which have impacted Perdido Bay. This newsletter gives an update on the April 2021 benthic sampling of Upper Perdido Bay. Very little life; worse than 2018.

June 2021 Newsletter

The June 2021 Newsletter describes a new project in the bottom of Perdido Bay where the islands are being restored. There is also discussion about legacy pollution in Perdido Bay and why this was never brought up in any of the studies on Perdido Bay.

April 2021 Newsletter

The April 2021 Newsletter asks how the environmental agencies can allow IP to continue to destroy our bay. Also it looks as if IP is managing Perdido Bay to appear to have no problems like algae blooms. IP's effluent is herbicidal.

February 2021 Newsletter

The February 2021 Newsletter informs people that our members have contributed enough money so that Friends can proceed with the benthic study in April 2021. It also gives the status of the Consent Order and tells of more dioxin in the sludge

December 2020 Newsletter

The December 2020 Newsletter is asking for donations to fund a benthic study at two upper stations in Perdido Bay including testing for dioxin and heavy metals. The study will coat $10,000. The Newsletter explains how important these studies are since our politicians don't want to know how bad Perdido Bay is. Also the status of the Consent Order challenge is updated. Also dioxin results of muck found on our beach after Hurricane Sally are given

October 2020 Newsletter

The October 2020 Newsletter explains some of the issues with the current Consent Order which we are challenging and looks at the "fake" toxic algae blooms which were blamed on too many nutrients when it was really paper mill chemicals. Also we are trying to educate our politicians that International Paper's permit has expired.

August 2020 Newsletter

The August 2020 Newsletter describes the cause of the very turbid conditions in Perdido Bay this summer - IP's 6000 plus pounds of solids which are dumped into the bay. The wetlands burned in May and now the solids are not being trapped. IP never did biological sampling of Perdido Bay which was required by the 2010 Consent Order.

June 2020 Newsletter

The June 2020 Newsletter has an article from a Perdido Bay citizen who was involved in an early attempt to make St. Regis (former owners) clean up. Also there is a discussion of why IP's effluent may be toxic and also the deals made between IP's and Perdido Bay's attorneys.(See Homepage for the relevant documents) .

April 2020 Newsletter

The April 2020 Newsletter discusses how Perdido Bay, after 30 years of not meeting environmental standards, is an example of failed environmental regulation. We think lawsuits are not the answer either. IP is seeking lowered standards in the discharge wetlands We will opposed this. DEP has given IP 60 more days to make their petition complete.

February 2020 Newsletter

The 2020 Newsletter gives our new address and tells what International Paper is now doing to our beautiful bay. They are dumping sodium hydroxide from the de-inking process into our water bodies. It is making everything very alkaline.

December 2019 Newsletter

The December 2019 Newsletter explains why IP's effluent is toxic and also talks about why Friends ecological study done in 2018 was so important and shows that Perdido Bay is very degraded.

October 2019 Newsletter

The October 2019 Newsletter explains how IP's unions and the local pinetree growers have all the political power to keep the paper mill running inspite of the damage to Perdido Bay. Also IP toxicity report and proposed Consent Order are discussed.

August 2019 Newsletter

The August 2019 Newsletter re-publishes a letter which was sent to several of our elected officials. It appears that they believe that if IP is following their permit then they can't be polluting. The newsletter also describes the toxicity which has been found in IP's effluent since 2012 and before.

June 2019 Newsletter

The June 2019 Newsletter describes the polluted environment of Escambia County Florida due to emissions of Ascend chemicals and International Paper. The newsletter gives the huge and toxic air emissions from IP for 2017 and 2018 which is also posted on this website in a spread sheet. The IP wetland is not doing well.

April 2019 Newsletter

The April 2019 Newsletter reports that EPA is saying that International Paper's permit to operate their plant has EXPIRED. Also some of the history with the mill and the regulation is examined and how production has increased so that today the mill is making over 2500 tons of pulp a day.

February 2019 Newsletter

The February 2019 Newsletter looks at how globalization has impacted Perdido Bay and discusses how the biology has changed on the bay. The Pensacola/Perdido Bay Estuary program is up and running.

December 2018 Newsletter

The December 2018 Newsletter explains how paper making is not a sustainable endeavor. The newsletter also looks at how IP responds to its stock prices and how the 2005 lawsuit on Perdido Bay "encouraged" IP to convert to brown paper.

October 2018 Newsletter

The October 2018 Newsletter explains who supports the paper mill and why their supporters are so powerful. It is the landowners who grow timber for the paper mill. Discusses the report done on the ecology of the Upper bay and which shows how little life is found in the Upper Bay.

August 2018 Newsletter

The Ausust 2018 Newsletter talks about the wastewater permit which was issued for the Bayou Marcus treatment plant. The newsletter also discusses the results of testing for dioxins and PCB's in the marsh lakes into which IP dumps. The lakes are settling ponds for IP's sludges and contain heavy metals, PCBs and dioxins. See the tables on the website.

June 2018 Newsletter

The June 2018 Newsletter announces a meeting the Florida DEP is having on the ECUA permit for Bayou Marcus on July 12, 2018 from 2:30 PM to 4:30 PM (Upper Perdido Bay is no longer impaired for Chlorophyll a) and the newsletter talks about the IP permit and how it has always been given with a promise to clean up in the future.

April 2018 Newsletter

The April 2018 Newsletter looks at some of the things you can do for Earth Day 2018; discusses the impairment for algae and bacteria in Upper Perdido Bay; and discusses lack of foam and life in Upper Perdido Bay

March 2018 Newsletter

The March 2018 Newsletter looks at global warming and the news media and considers the odd outbreaks of toxic algae, Heterosigma, as a cover up for toxic chemicals .

December 2017 Newsletter

The December 2017 Newsletter examines the problem with septic tanks along adjacent waterways and discusses the dioxin which was found in the clams in the summer 2017 sampling and where it comes from.

October 2017 Newsletter

The October 2017 Newsletter announces that Perdido Bay along with Pensacola Bay were selected for the National Estuary program. Upper Perdido Bay was also found to be "impaired" for chlorophyll a and bacteria. This puts it on the TMDL list

August 2017 Newsletter

The August 2017 Newsletter is thankful for all our members and their support. The newsletter also explains why we have never gotten support from either political party and it looks at the recent chemical analysis of clams fromthe bay.

June 2017 Newsletter

The June 2017 Newsletter describes how dark and dirty and dead Perdido Bay has been since IP began full operation. The most recent TRI from EPA shows that 75% of the toxic emissions are in the air. IP's Chemical Oxygen Demand which is toxic is going up as well with highs of 52,000 pounds per day.

April 2017 Newsletter

The The April 2017 Newsletter gives some tips on being a good steward of the environment for Earth Day; reports that International Paper is back in full operation; and the need for a functioning EPA.

February 2017 Newsletter

The The February 2017 Newsletter describes the Jan. 22, 2017 explosion at the IP mill and also considers the draft 2017 SWIM plan for Perdido Bay of the Northwest Florida Water Management District

December 2016 Newsletter

The December 2016 Newsletter gives an overview of the recent permitting activities for IP on Perdido Bay and examines the huge amount of wastes which are allowed to be discharged into our bay .

October 2016 Newsletter

The October 2016 Newsletter looks at the new pipeline which is going in along U.S. 98 in Alabama and carries wastewater from Lillian north to a small creek. Also more information on nutrients entering Perdido Bay from ECUA and IP

August/September Newsletter

The August/September Newsletter explains how the upper and lower bay differ after much rain. The Newsletter also looks at the spirit of the Clean Water Act which allows pollution.

June 2016 Newsletter

The June 2016 Newsletter examines how much domestic sewage is coming into the Perdido Watershed. The newsletter asks why we do not have algae blooms especially because the nutrients are high. The answer must be herbicides.

April 2016 Newsletter

The April 2016 Newsletter thanks all our members who have continued to donate money all these years. The Newsletter also looks at how the RESTORE money will benefit International Paper and reports on IP's latest progress report which found that 90% of the trees in the wetlands had died.

February 2016 Newsletter

The February 2016 Newsletter looks at IP's permit which expired in 2015. The newsletter also gives values for International Paper's December discharge monitoring report - a chemical oxygen demand of 36,000 pounds per day!

December 2015 Newsletter

The December 2015 Newsletter considers our small world and some solutions to control world-wide pollution. The newsletter also discusses the "fake" science which was used in Perdido Bay to support a nutrient rule.

October 2015 Newsletter

The October 2015 Newsletter publishes the results of our members' survey where the majority of our members consider life in the bay to be less than in the past years. We also summarize what we hope to accomplish by continuing to exist.

August 2015 Newsletter

The August 2015 Newsletter contains a survey for our members to fill out. It also has an article about what Perdido Bay meant to families in the 1950's. A second look at PCB profiles and dioxin found in sediments of Perdido Bay reveals that this is material from scrubbers dumbed into wastewater treatment ponds.

June 2015 Newsletter

The June 2015 Newsletter explains why IP's wetland discharge may help them get different limits so that they may be able to get a permit without a Consent Order, and it looks at an ally of paper mills, the forestry industry.

April 2015 Newsletter

The April 2015 Newsletter examines an old lawsuit filed in 2000 and explains why the coal/biomass fuel which IP uses is very polluting.

February 2015 Newsletter

The February 2015 Newsletter looks at the recent health of Perdido Bay and describes the new International Paper permit application which contains information about toxicity of IP's effluent.

December 2014 Newsletter

The December 2014 Newsletter discusses how the environmental agencies are hiding the truth about the health of Perdido Bay; announces that chlorine was found in 11-mile Creek; and gives preliminary results of our dioxin testing.

September 2014 Newsletter

The September 2014 Newsletter explains why old polluting paper mills continue to exist; it looks at the St. Joe Company and the new 2nd largest landowner in Florida; tells why you should support Amendment #1 on the Florida ballot; and gives tribute to Joy Morrill .

July 2014 Newsletter

The July/August 2014 Newsletter looks back at some old decisions of Friends of Perdido Bay; discusses how all the wastewater in Escambia County ends up in Perdido Bay and discusses the injustice in Florida's nutrient rule; and looks at the toxic algae Heterosigma.

May 2014 Newsletter

The May 2014 Newsletter looks at some of the damage from the recent floods; shows an aerial photo of IP's aeration stabilization basin with aerators which are not operating at complete horsepower; prints a dissenting opinion about climate change; and talks about the faulty science we have seen on Perdido Bay.

March 2014 Newsletter

The March 2014 newsletter looks at changes which are being made in insurance and policy due to climate changes and rising sea levels; discusses the flushing of duckweed into the bay after heavy rains; and asks for volunteers for a crab watch program.

January 2014 Newsletter

The January 2014 Newsletter reaffirms that the major source of pollution into Perdido Bay is the International Paper mill in Cantonment FL; looks at some heavy metal testing in the sediments, and describes what the northern end of Perdido Bay looks like.

October 2013 Newsletter

The October 2013 Newsletter contemplates what Friends of Perdido Bay's direction for the future will be; looks at an old lawsuit filed in 2000, and discusses the increased premiums from the flood insurance.

August 2013 Newsletter

The August 2013 Newsletter identifies the IP paper mill as the dominant polluter of Perdido Bay; looks at the water quality in Perdido Bay this summer; and revisits wetland protection in Escambia County, FL.

May/June 2013 Newsletter

The May/June 2013 Newsletter contains additional comments on the historical article in the last newsletter. There is also an article on how the DEP is twisting the truth on Perdido Bay - lies into truths. An article describes how IP is increasing production at the Cantonment mill and more.

March/April 2013 Newsletter

The March/April 2013 Newsletter is a copy of an article which appeared in "The New Harper's Magazine" in 1874. The article talks about the logging industry on Perdido Bay just after the Civil War and describes the little railroad which carried logs and lumber from Perdido Bay to the Port of Pensacola. Interesting history!

January/February 2013 Newsletter

The January/February 2013 Newsletter discusses how the Florida DEP is twisting the science on Perdido Bay. The lies by the government agency which is charged with protecting the environment of Florida is disturbing. An example, is the statement that there were never any grassbeds in Upper Perdido Bay. This is a lie. Also discussed, are the new nutrient standards which have been set for Perdido Bay.

November/December 2012 Newsletter

The November/December 2012 Newsletter talks about the huge "black liquor tax rebate" which the IRS has given to the paper companies. The mercury problem in fish and the weakening of environmental rules is also discussed.

Sept/October 2012 Newsletter

The Sept/October 2012 Newsletter gives a testimonial to Jim Lane, one of the founders of Friends of Perdido Bay, who died recently. The newsletter also discusses an article in the Pensacola News Journal about IP's clean-up. The newspaper made it seem like IP spent $60 million to clean up Perdido Bay when in truth they spent $60 million so that they could expand production.

July/August 2012 Newsletter

The July/August 2012 Newsletter discusses how dilution makes a difference in Perdido Bay. The newsletter also looks at the new nutrient rule DEP is proposing for Perdido Bay and mentions heavy metals found in the sediments.

May/June 2012 Newsletter

The May/June 2012 Newsletter discusses why Friends' support for the paper mill to run a pipeline to Escambia Bay was a mistake. The newsletter also looks at the recent permits issued to IP for approximately 27 wells to withdraw process water from the ground and more.

March 2012 Newsletter

The March 2012 Newsletter looks back over the strange events which have occurred over the years which Friends of Perdido Bay has been involved. The newsletter also discusses the massive pollution contributed by the paper mill.

January 2012 Newsletter

The January 2012 Newsletter gives you an update on the nutrient rule Florida is trying to pass. Wonders if you will remember a clean Perdido Bay. And more

November 2011 Newsletter

The November 2011 Newsletter gives you an update on IP's progress on their wetland and treatment projects. We also explain why there is an increased risk of infection by swimming in Perdido Bay..

August/September 2011 Newsletter

The August/September 2011 Newsletter asks why the paper mill is still dumping in Perdido Bay when it was found to be very susceptible to harm from pollution. There is also an article about Emerald Coast's pipeline around the IP treatment ponds to the wetlands surrounding Perdido Bay..

June/July 2011 Newsletter

The June/July 2011 Newsletter has an article about the latest round of "Impaired Water" meetings for Perdido Bay. The Florida DEP is proposing taking the bay off the impaired list for nutrients. There is also an article about the nutrient rule the environmental agencies are trying to pass for Florida....

April 2011 Newsletter

The April 2011 Newsletter looks at all the pipelines which are headed for Perdido Bay. The newsletter also explains how International Paper Company is putting more and more of their costs onto us, the public, in order to save money.

February 2011 Newsletter

The February 2011 Newsletter includes articles about how the EPA has declared a once beautiful creek permanently polluted, why the bay water is clear in the winter, and more

December 2010 Newsletter

The December 2010 Newsletter informs our readers about the building of the pipeline to the wetlands in spite of the fact that the permit has not been approved in the appeals court. It also explains why biomass is a bad source of energy. And more

October 2010 Newsletter

The October 2010 Newsletter gives you the latest update on the appeal of the IP permit. The newsletter revisits the dioxin issue in Perdido Bay and summarizes our views on two amendments to FL and AL constitutions.

July 2010 Newsletter

The July 2010 Newsletter discusses the oil spill and how it has impacted Perdido Bay and local waters. The July newsletter also looks at the regulatory failures as regards the oil spill and Perdido Bay. The insert of Blowout prevention legislation is also included

May 2010 Newsletter

The May 2010 Newsletter gives you some pointers on how to live lightly in the spirit of Earth Day. There is also information on the recent Consent Order which DEP issued to IP and what IP is supposed to do and when. And our take on DEP's lack of enforcement.

Read the May 2010 Newsletter

February 2010 Newsletter

The February 2010 Newletter announces the public meeting on DEP's intent to allow an increase in wetland discharge. Also we talk about the judge's decision in the latest IP permit. Read the entire newsletter.

Read the February 2010 Newsletter

January 2010 Newsletter

The January 2010 Newletter again looks at recent attempts by state and federal environmental agencies to weaken environmental rules and make pollution legal; the newsletter also highlights the local utility's attempt to increase the effluent going to wetlands surrounding Perdido Bay.

Read the entire January 2010 Newsletter

April 2009 Newsletter

The April 2009 Newletter gives you an update on the administrative hearing progress, the challenge to the wetland rule and some past history on stakeholders involved with Champion. Currently the Florida DEP is saying that the wetlands exemption rule does not allow IP to violate water quality standards in the wetlands.

Read the April 2009 Newsletter

November 2009 Newsletter

The November 2009 Newletter looks at recent attempts by state and federal environmental agencies to weaken environmental rules and make pollution legal; the newsletter also explains why we think IP is fudging their results which they report to DEP

Read the entire November 2009 Newsletter

October 2009 Newsletter

The October 2009 Newletter has the latest update on the completed administrative hearing challenging IP's permit to discharge to wetlands; it also looks at where some of the sewage is going and how it might impact the Perdido Bay watershed.

Read the entire October 2009 Newsletter

July 2009 Newsletter

The July 2009 Newletter gives you information on the recently completed administrative hearing in which Friends challenged the proposed permit for IP to discharge to wetlands; there is information on nutrients in Perdido Bay and the giant rebate congress gave to the paper industry.

Read the entire July 2009 Newsletter

April 2009 Newsletter

The April 2009 Newletter gives you an update on the administrative hearing progress, the challenge to the wetland rule and some past history on stakeholders involved with Champion. Currently the Florida DEP is saying that the wetlands exemption rule does not allow IP to violate water quality standards in the wetlands.

Read the April 2009 Newsletter

February 2009 Newsletter

The February 2009 Newsletter gives you all the latest information about the administrative hearing, and about some of our witnesses. Dr. George Crozier says Perdido Bay is too narrow and deep to have a pollution load like the paper mill. The bay does not flush properly.

Read the whole newsletter

December 2008 Newletter

The December newsletter has information about an ECUA water pipeline, the latest Dr. Livingston report, and a short summary of an air pollution report

Read the whole newletter

October 2008 Newletter

The October newsletter contains updates on the progress of our administrative hearing. Hearing dates have been set for January 14 through 16 and 20 through 23, 2009. Our plans for a fund raiser at the Flora-Bama on November 23, 2008 are given

Read the whole newletter

August 2008 Newletter

The August Newletter contains some of our objections to the 'new' IP permit which we have currently challenged. Attempts to build 'toll roads' through the Perdido River watershed and new wastewater for Bayou Marcus are also discussed

Read the whole newletter

June 2008 Newsletter

The June newsletter describes how Dr. Livingston ignored the "real" problems caused by the paper mill on our bay. Read what some of the real problems are.

Read the whole newsletter

April/May 2008 Newsletter

The April/May newsletter critics the wetland plan of International Paper and tells you where to write your comments. IP's plan is the same plan which a judge denied previously. Also we show how industry uses modeling for a dishonest purpose

Read the whole newsletter

February 2008 Newsletter

The February 2008 news letter contains some history on the past efforts to "clean-up" Perdido Bay, about a persistent rumor we keep hearing about IP turning down their treatment, and about the class action law suit.

Read the whole newsletter

December 2007 Newsletter

The December newsletter gives latest on the IP permit situation, compares IP's effluent to a domestic wastewater treatment system serving 165,000 people and more.

Read the whole newsletter

October 2007 Newsletter

The October newsletter contains the latest on Florida's decision to deny the wetlands permit to IP and grant the stay. The newsletter also discusses the dioxin studies on Perdido Bay clams, and more

Read the whole newsletter

August 2007 Newsletter

The August newsletter contains the latest on Florida's decision to deny the wetlands permit to IP. The newsletter also discusses the Circuit Court judges's decision to deny "class certification" to plantiffs on Perdido Bay, and more

Read the whole newsletter

June 2007 Newsletter

The June 2007 Newsletter explains the important aspects of the Judges's decision in our victory. The newsletter also lists addesses for our politicans to whom you can write

Read the whole newsletter

April 2007 Newsletter

Read an update on the administrative hearing;and some new scheme the DEP is considering for reclassifying waters in Florida and more in the April newsletter

Read the whole newsletter

January/February 2007 Newsletter

Some of the articles in this Newsletter examine the next steps in the administrative hearing process; Lack of media coverage about our fight on Perddio Bay; and the latest news about the TMDL and Perdido Bay

Read the whole newsletter.

December 2006 Newsletter

The December 2006 newletter explains how Friends of Perdido Bay was founded to work with the paper mill; the proposed permit has too many contingencies and more

Read the whole newsletter

September/October 2006 Newsletter

Highlights of this newsletter - Friends meeting scheduled for November 16, 2006; Problems with the air and a reprint of a good article from the Orlando Sentinel

Read the whole newsletter.

July & August 2006 Newsletter

In this Newsletter we give you an update on the administrative hearing on the IP permit. We give you some people to write about toxicity in Perdido Bay

Read the whole newsletter.

May 2006 Newsletter

In the May Newsletter, we discuss how Florida is changing their standards to allow more pollution. Also we look at how the government ignored a problem with chlorine dioxide bleaching.

Click here for the whole newsletter

February 2006 Newsletter

The February Newsletter contains information about the new dates for the administrative hearing on the IP permit. There is also an article about how IP is getting a $2,000,000 Freebee from the taxpayers.

The entire Newsletter

December 2005 Newsletter

The Decemeber Newsletter looks at the plans IP has recently proposed. We also look at plans to protect Perdido Beach mouse on Perdido Key, FL

Read the whole newsletter

October 2005 Newsletter

The October Newsletter gives updates on the administrative hearing and IP's problem with ash.

Read the whole newsletter

August 2005 Newsletter

The August Newsletter contains an announcement about our September 8, 2005 meeting; the latest information on both the class action suit and the administrative hearing; some information we found from discovery; and more

Read the whole newsletter

June 2005 Newsletter

The June Newsletter has information about the permit fight; more stories about the terrible permit; and a little trouble with domestic sewage

Read the whole newsletter

April 2005 Newsletter

The April newsletter contains new dioxin test values from Perdido Bay properties. There is an article about the new development on the Blackwater River.

Click here for entire newsletter

February 2005 Newsletter

The February newsletter contains the dioxin information from tests done on soils washed onto our properties from Perdido Bay. We also explain why dioxin is "non-detect" in paper mill effluent, and more.

Click here for entire newsletter

December 2004 Newsletter

In the December Newsletter, we give an update on what will happen next in the IP draft permit issue. Also we summarize a study done on Perdido Bay in 1970 which is still applicable today.

Click here for entire newsletter

October 2004 Newsletter

In the October Newsletter, one of our members has an article about his experiences in Hurricane Ivan. We give a summary of IP's Draft permit.

Click here for entire newsletter

August/September 2004 Newsletter

In the August Newsletter you will read about the bacteria Klebsiella. Check the documents page in this website for more information on Klebsiella. You will also get the views of candidates on Perdido Bay issues

Click here for entire August/September Newsletter

June 2004 Newsletter

In the June 2004 newsletter you will be updated on the IP permit application; read about more false PR

Click here for entire June 2004 newsletter

April 2004 Newsletter

In the April 2004 newsletter, you will find there is no "official" draft permit for IP yet; also some false PR on Perdido Bay

Click here for entire April 2004 newsletter.

February 2004 Newsletter
The February 2004 Newsletter explains why Friends of Perdido Bay opposes the IP/ECUA pipeline plan and more.

Click here for the entire February 2004 newsletter

Click here for December 2003 newsletter

Click here for entire September 2003 newsletter

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