Grass beds which were growing in Upper Perdido Bay in 2019 have died in early 2020...There is very little life in Perdido Bay.....Upper Perdido Bay is impaired for the bacteria Micrococcus and nutrients.....Perdido Bay is a very poor place to put any type of pollution because there is inadequate flushing of even well treated effluents.....A recent ecological survey of the upper bay showed how little life remains in the bay (read the report below).....We are seeing less foam but on calm mornings, there is a sheen on the surface of the water...... IP is using recycled cardboard and dumping sodium hydroxide from the de-inking process into the water bodies....pH at Perdido Pass Alabama is 8.4!!!....IP's effluent has been found to be toxic to water flea reproduction.....IP is not meeting standards in the wetlands just as its didn't meet standards in Elevenmile Creek.....Dioxins, PCBs and Furans are present in paper mill sludges....Increasing levels of PCBs have been found in paper mill sludges in Tee and Wicker Lakes (see the table below)......Will the Florida DEP issue another permit to IP to pollute Perdido Bay?......We will see Read the history of Friends of Perdido Bay's fight to save our bay...."Perdido Bay Blues" on Amazon.... $12.50....
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Photos of algae in 1988 - too many nutrients

Pollution of Perdido Bay by the papermill

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A short history of Perdido Bay

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Bacteriological Survey of Perdido watershed

Dioxin in Perdido Bay

Environmental Survey of Perdido Watershed

Pictures of Perdido River

These black needle rush had beds of mussels around them; snails were crawling up the stems and small minnows were swimming around the base. Today there is nothing. The bay is sterile. International Paper's chemicals have killed nearly everything. It appears that IP is dumping their carbon dioxide and sulfur from the air into the bay via Elevenmile Creek and perhaps Perdido River. On July 4, 2019 the average pH in the Upper Bay was 7.7 with a high of 8.2. The pH at Perdido Pass in Alabama averages 8.2. This is not right.

Diagram of oyster bars in Northern Gulf of Mexico 1883. Notice oysters in Upper Perdido Bay

In the June 2020 Newsletter, we mention two documents which are of interest in Perdido Bay.Click for 2006 stipulation between Perdido Bay and IP attorneys. and 1993 report from EPA of most toxic sediments in Gulf of Mexico Click for report

International Paper releases huge amounts of toxic chemicals (COD) every day. IP's average Chemical Oxygen Demand(COD) in December 2017 was 40,349 pounds per day. Click to see chart of 2017 and 2018 IP releases. Also a graph Click to see Chemical Oxygen Demand in Pounds per day from 2013 to present

The DEP issued a Consent Order on April 28, 2020. Supposedly this Consent Order is to try and correct IP's toxicity problem. It won't. A member of Friends of Perdido Bay has petitioned the state for a hearing. Read the Petiton for a hearing

The Florida DEP has adopted nutrient limits for Perdido Bay. They are very high - 1.27 mg/l for Total Nitrogen in the Upper Bay and Total Phosphorus of 0.102 mg/l. The limits do not match the supporting documents. WHY? Click for the Supporting document

Friends of Perdido Bay commissioned an ecological study for Upper Perdido Bay. The study demonstrates how little life is present. Click for report

Want a quick synopsis of how International Paper's effluent impacts Perdido Bay. This may be good for our politicians to read Click for Synopsis

PCBs are going up in Tee and Wicker Lakes Click for PCB and Dioxins. Heavy metals and mercury are increasing in Wicker and Tee Lakes. Click for Metals

Perdido Bay makes up the border between Florida and Alabama. Perdido Bay encompasses an area of about 50 square miles with the state line running approximately down the centerline of the bay. It has an elongated shape which lies along a northeast-southwest axis. Perdido Bay is relatively shallow in the Upper part near the mouth of the Perdido River but gets deeper toward the Gulf of Mexico

The Perdido River provides most of the fresh water (>70%) for Perdido Bay. The Perdido River is a Florida outstanding water and the water quality in the upper Perdido River is considered to be very good. On a Sunday afternoon, sitting in the river on a lawn chair is refreshing. Click for visual image. The Perdido Bay watershed covers 1205 square miles which is considered large for a small bay. The Upper part of Perdido Bay and to some extent lower Perdido Bay are polluted with wastes from a paper mill, now owned by International Paper Company. See the photo pages and pollution page on the left.

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A member who passed away recently remembered how bountiful and beautiful Perdido Bay was.
Click for her words