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Pollution of Perdido Bay by the papermill

2009 pictures of pollution

2008 pictures of pollution

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Dioxin in Perdido Bay

A short history of Perdido Bay

PB 2004 Bacteria Report

PB 2005 Bacteria Report

PB 2006 Bacteria Report

PB 2007 Bacteria Report

PB 2008 Bacteria Report

PB 2009 Bacteria Report

Bacteriological Survey of Perdido watershed

Environmental Survey of Perdido Watershed

Pictures of Perdido River


More Photos of pollution and IP ponds
These photos have been taken since June 2004. Some photos are of the proposed IP discharge area in Rainwater Tract. Some photos are of the IP treatment ponds.

Foam along the beaches in Lillian Alabama on June 10, 2004

More foam along Lillian Beaches on June 10, 2004

Area between Eleven Mile Creek and Perdido River which is the proposed discharge site for effluent

Beautiful lakes through which discharge will drain

Land over which discharge will drain

20 acre and 14 acre IP treatment ponds

IP Treatment Pond 1 with aerators

IP is supposed to have 20- 100 horsepower aerators? Do they?

Our question is - Have they turned down the horsepower on their aerators to save money?

IP Settling Pond 4 with Riffle section to help aerate the water. IP takes water samples just after the riffle section. At the bottom of the picture is the stormwater pond

Scum on our beaches 3-8-07. This scum makes swimming unpleasant.


More foam and scum and nasty water