Photos of the Nuisance foam in Perdido Bay
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Pollution of Perdido Bay by the papermill

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Dioxin in Perdido Bay

A short history of Perdido Bay

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Bacteriological Survey of Perdido watershed

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Pictures of Perdido River


International Paper's effects on our beaches
These following pictures show how the foam, scum and sludges from the paper mill have ruined our beaches.

Foam coming out of the top of IP's foam suppresion tower

Foam in Eleven mile at IP's point of discharge

More foam in the creek at IP's discharge

Foam at IP's discharge into Elevenmile Creek

Foam on dirty turbid water

Foam never seems to end

Scum on our beaches. Is this a nuisance or what? IP must have cleaned out their pipes.

More Scum and Foam. Years and years of foam, scum, and nasty water

Foam. It isn't just natural. Paper making produces 'soap'

And more foam.

IP not only releases foam but 8000 pounds per day of organic solids

Foam with chemicals toxic to certain forms of life in our bay are released by IP

Foam line in Perdido Bay being pushed by the incoming tide

Picture taken 2-12-03; Foam, Scum and pine pollen at beach on Perdido Bay

A close-up on 2-12-03 Would you like to swim in this?

A Close up of scum and foam 0n 2-13-03

According to International Paper, this is all natural.

This morning (2-23-03) scum and foam could be seen at the beach

Foam and scum are very obvious when the water is calm. Picture taken 2-23-03

Sample of the lifeless bottom muck from Perdido Bay

Foam on beach at Perdido Bay; March 1, 2003

More foam on March 1, 2003

Foam floating on water on a very calm day; March 1, 2003

More foam and scum on October 3, 2003. The water this summer was terrible