2010 Photos of nuisance foam and scum in Perdido Bay
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International Paper's effects on our beaches in 2011
These are 2011 pictures showing how International Paper's discharges have ruined our bay and our beaches.

Foam again showing up in 2011

Brown nasty foam on January 14, 2011

Widespread foam on January 14, 2011

IP's discharges are continuously ruining our beaches. January 20, 2011.

It is not enjoyable wading through scummy foam to go kayaking. March 7, 2011. This foam stains too

Foam on March 7, 2011. This foam must be 2 feet high.

A scum line at our beaches. Our waters are very turbid. March 13, 2011.

More foam on 4-28-11.

Dirty foam and scummy water. May 7, 2011.

Very soapy water from paper-making on May 7, 2011

More dirty foam and scum. May 7, 2011.

Oily sheen on the water May 10, 2011.

Scum on our beaches. May 10, 2011.

White foam on our beaches May 17,2011.

Brown foam on our beaches as we go out to boat. May 21, 2011

Boat was left in Perdido Bay overnight and foam is stuck to the hull.

Most mornings in summer foam is on our beach. Taken 6-28-11.

This is the creek into which the paper mill discharges. It used to be crystal clear

More foam and very nasty, turbid water

It is hard to tell the grandchildren not to swim. Taken 7-10-11.

The paper mill keeps saying they do not cause the foam.

More foam and very turbid water on 7/21/11.

There must have been a spill at the papermill.

You can see the slime fibers in the water from the paper mill.

A line of foam along the beach on 7-23-11.

Another day of scummy foam and no wind on 7-31-11.

Scummy foam fibers 7-31-11.

This morning there was white foam. This happens daily. 8-4-11.

This foam is caused by the resins from pine trees being broken down in the paper making process. 8-5-11

There is particularly scummy foam this morning on 8-7-11.

You can see foam and dirty water nearly every morning at our beaches 8-7-11.

This morning it is white foam and no waves or wind. 8-12-11.

This foam and dirty water make our beach not enjoyable for swimming 8-16-11.

Every day foam 8-17-11. This is not caused by wave action.

Very dirty foam on sand 8-26-11.

Dried dirty scum on our beaches. 8-26-11

Dirty foam floating on calm water. 8-28-11

A line of foam along the beach on 8-30-11. This comes from International Paper.

A line of foam and scum on our beach on 10-22-11. This comes from International Paper.

A line of foam along the beach on Oct. 28, 2011. Fatty acids from pine trees processed by International Paper produce the foam.

Sudsey white foam -Dec 11, 2011.

More white foam on 12-18-11. This comes from International Paper.

Scum lines in calm waters. Dec. 28, 2011

Very nasty scum on 12-28-11. A Christmas present from International Paper.

The soapy sheen on Dec.28, 2011. Last week the bay was nice

Scum from IP collecting against wall. Dec. 28, 2011

More scum from IP - Dec. 31, 2011

Scum lines in calm waters. Dec. 31, 2011