2013 Photos of nuisance foam and scum in Perdido Bay
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Pollution of Perdido Bay by the papermill

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Dioxin in Perdido Bay

A short history of Perdido Bay

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Bacteriological Survey of Perdido watershed

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International Paper's effects on our beaches in 2013
The foam at our beach in 2013 has started out like all the rest of the years - BAD, especially when the wind blows the effluent from the wetlands to our beaches. IP is out of 11-mile creek and discharging to wetlands. However the wetlands has done little to help the foam problem.

Jan. 3, 2013. The north wind has blown the paper mill effluent to our beaches

At times, the foam is knee high at our beaches. Jan 4, 2013

The foam is very dirty. Jan. 18, 2013

Beside the foam, the bay is very turbid. April 4, 2013

More foam in April. April 4, 2013

More foam in April. April 25, 2013

A new sign of pollution -Duckweed Aug 9, 2013

Duckweed washed from IP wetlands

More foam on Aug.14, 2013

Foam August 15, 2013

Bucket of water from Perdido River

Bucket of water from Perdido Bay - it is darker than river water

Bad foam on August 20, 2013

Disgusting scum and foam on Aug 20

Lots of Duckweed on our beaches with foam Aug. 20

More foam on Aug 21