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Pollution of Perdido Bay by the papermill

2009 pictures of pollution

2008 pictures of pollution

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Dioxin in Perdido Bay

A short history of Perdido Bay

PB 2004 Bacteria Report

PB 2005 Bacteria Report

PB 2006 Bacteria Report

PB 2007 Bacteria Report

PB 2008 Bacteria Report

PB 2009 Bacteria Report

Bacteriological Survey of Perdido watershed

Environmental Survey of Perdido Watershed

Pictures of Perdido River

Bacteriological Study done on papermill outfall in 1995

In this study you will find that a certain opportunistic pathogenic bacteria Klebsiella, can make up to 88% of papermill effluent discharges. In this study very high levels of total coliforms and Klebsiella were found during a raining event. Click here for entire paper

A Paragraph about Klebsiella from the authoritative reference, Standard Methods, 20th edition

Click here for paragraph about Klebsiella

A Graph showing the production of the Paper mill from 1955 to 1990.

This graph is a little hard to read. You might want to print this out. But notice there are both total production and bleached production values for the paper mill in Cantonment. Bleached production values went from about 250 air-dried tons per day (ADTPD) in 1985 to 1300 air dried tons per day in 1986.
Click for graph